The Society of Independent Garden Designers Lead Professionally by Example

Individual garden designers using the (MSIGD)are a fully accredited registered member of the Society of Independent Garden Designers and may use MSIGD or FSIGD.

Registered members are assessed by experienced qualified designers within the organization. It is intended over time that the society should be run by the members for the members to assist their careers and not as a form of restrctive practice.

With the common use of CAD drawing standards are not the same as Rotring Pens. Rotring Pens are used if the designer prefers it.

Drawing standards require to be tidy with readable writing quality. Site north shown clear and simple in format on Basic and Full Outline plans to the designer's design.

UK Planning LA Authorities don't require well drawn plans or perfect writing. (Any member of the public can submit an application). The LA Planning Authorities have their own drawing offices where applications are checked for viability.

Members are not controlled with demotion of title by their drawing and written standards. They are aware they have to communicate with their client's and contractors ability level to read the designer's plans.

Part of the professional standard of the drawing should be that site drawings should be carried out by the person contracted to do the work. The production standard of the drawing should be such as to facilitate the construction of the garden since the drawing itself has no intrinsic value in itself.

Members can illustrate their work text and photographs on the SIGD web site linked from their web sites to illustrate points of design concern.

Planting plans require site North .Content and scale @1:50, 1:200 for large gardens appropriate to the garden size. Plants trees used for foliage that grow in time out of station are not acceptable in small gardens. Or large gardens where situated closer to the house. Seven years plant growth is not the end of planting life.

Designers applying for membership require two years reasonable time design experience. Teaching is not part of the experience.

Their work is to a professional standard, they have PI insurance and Public Liability and they adhere to our code of Professional conduct.

Designers have sound horticultural knowledge for soil, plants, and building appropriate matters.

An understanding of basic spatial requirements, with creativity to change neglected spaces into distinctive gardens irrespective of the garden's size or sizes of differing areas.

Designers are expected to be able to provide a complete garden design or part design appropriate to the client's instructions.

The service including Survey of required area or by recommended surveyors. Outline plan in brief, Full Outline plan, Planting plan, Hard Landscape detail, Construction drawings.

Specialist design in brief (experts knowledge is recommended from the appropriate contractors and other professionals).

Advice on budgets, tenders, to specified contractors.

Project management site to full JCLI Contract. Contract stage certificates to JCLI specification format provided.

Lighting specialists electricians national requirement use.

Water features, and Sculpture.

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