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Who Can Join

Anyone who wishes to join The Society of Independent Garden Designers MSIGD may do so provided they hold a recognized Horticultural qualification at Certificate level as a minimum.

Student/Pre-Registered Member
Open to those on full time or part time garden/landscape design courses in the UK and applying for Registered Member.

Registered Member
Open to working garden designers with a Certificate or above Horticultural qualification. For Registered Members Designers are required to have the Professional Insurance certificate in place at the start of any new project. For membership application to MSIGD PI certificates are not required to be produced.

Share the values of the Society but with no professional interest.

How to Apply for MSIGD

Please send the following information to :

Alternatively you can contact us at The Society of Independent Garden Designers, Vicarage Street, Colyton EX24 6LJ or call 01297 552406.


Applications: £120 (No VAT)
Membership: £200 (No VAT) per annum

£50 (No VAT) per annum

£50 (No VAT) per annum


By cheque:
Please make payable to Hugh O'Connell and send to SMA Services Ltd, Unit 15, Flightway Business Park, Dunkeswell, Devon, EX14 4RD

Telephone: 01404 891069


Name: Hugh O'Connell
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-20-32
Account Number: 41547704

By Paypal:

Applications (£120 to apply to be a Registered Member)


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