Survey: Learn How to Read the Site - Part 2

All items based on experience include what not to do to avoid mistakes.

This complete list of information covers;

Setting up the board and waterproof it.
Setting up the graph paper and waterproof it.
Waterproof material to write on.
Source where to obtain the above.

Required survey equipment.
How to set out the drawing and the five separate level positions to catalogue the levels for a working calculation.

Scale sizes to use for very large gardens to small gardens.
Survey of existing.

Survey setting Datum for Collimation.
What Datum is set for.

What tape measure lengths and how many and other required equipment.

Where to start the survey from on site.
How to measure the site to determine the scale size to use.
How to set North.

What standard scales to use.

How to take back sights.
How to take Intermediate sights.
How to take Fore sights.
How to set Collimation.
How to set the reduced level.

How to start the level process.

How to change position of the theodolite/dumpy when the required level position can't be read off the staff.

How to take TBMs Temporary Bench Marks.
How to equate the readings.

How to water divine - good for finding land drains

This information requires payment. The fee is £50 that includes the Student fee to join The Society of Independent Garden Designers for one year for one Student. Or one member at £200.

One year SIGD student membership.

For the £50 payment you get the complete Survey 3 listed items in detail including increment examples plus and subtract. Some of these sections you can download and use on site for reference.

On joining you get my mobile number, plus my iPad contact number.

In that year you can practice surveying, and phone me if required when you are on site and also send me a photograph from your iPad to my iPad 2 32 GB MEM Apple. The site visual you are surveying allows problems to be discussed between us.


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